Liquid Touch Foundation is Coming Back!

The ” Liquid Gold” as many have described it, also knows as the Liquid Touch Foundation, is finally coming back in stock!  It has been long awaited!  Have you been waiting patiently for a certain shade?  I am here to help!   Right now you can order certain shades here:

Touch Liquid Touch Foundation is here!

Here is a chart to help you find your perfect match!    Once you answer the questions, it will help guide you to the best color for you.  Here is a huge beauty tip:  You are matching your shade to your neck, not the color of your face.

younique foundation

Or, you can use this simple tool.  Do you burn in the sun?   Do you burn then tan, or do you tan?  Always stay in the same shade family.  So, you will always stay in the same row going down, not jumping over.  :)

Mineral Touch Shade Families


Now, let’s talk getting the perfect results!  The Liquid Touch Foundation, alone has a medium matte coverage.  But to see flawless results,  it is best to use 3 specific products.  The Glorious Primer is silky smooth and all you need is a pea -sized drop to cover your whole face.    To read about this, the  Glorious Primer is here.


Touch Trifecta


And the new Liquid Foundation Brush is a must!  Uniquely-designed brush with recessed area lets you adjust your liquid foundation coverage for a seamless application.  Click here to read about it:  Liquid Foundation Brush

Don’t forget, start with just 5 drops of foundation on your brush.  Tap your entire face lightly with the brush, leaving spots of foundation to slowly work in each area.   This liquid is unlike anything I have ever used!    Not only does it leave my skin light and airy feeling, it is non-greasy, which is a major plus!


Different shades will be released at different times during the month.  I would love to help you find the right shade match, or answer any of your questions.  Please feel free to contact me.

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