Rollin’ Out of 2014 and Preparing for an Epic 2015!

Well, what can I say?  2014 was pretty awesome!  Considering we all thought I was facing death in 2013, I’d say 2014 was pretty amazing!   And, of course, I have so many things to be thankful for.  I could make a huge list.  First, my relationship with God because it was truly my faith that brought me through fear and uncertainty in the very beginning of this year.  I could not have made it without my husband.  I hear people say that, but until you go through a very traumatic experience, it is really true; I could not have made it without my husband.  Period.  And, I have a few key people that walked along my side those terrifying days.  But, then, came a purpose to the madness.

Have you ever had an opportunity present itself and you just know with everything you are made of, that it is just something you are supposed to do?  You have no understanding why.  You have no deep connection.  You just feel a strong sense of urgency to do something?  That was totally what I felt February 15th of this year.  My pulse was racing and I quickly signed up with Younique.  I had no idea, or thought through, my decision.  I just knew it was right.

I joined that day and learned as much as I could within the first 2 weeks.  I started selling based on reviews before I even had my own kit.  Have I ever done something like this before?  NO!  But it was just a gut feeling.  And, I feel very strongly about a woman’s intuition.   I was like a racehorse sharing with everyone about this product.  It was a mix of emotion and passion.  You see, my body was having turmoil from an autoimmune disease.  And complications are made worse by toxins and chemicals.   When it hit me, and boy did it hit me, that Younique was chemical free, no fillers, and no parabens, it was like a huge electric bolt hit me.  You see, in earlier months we thought I was dying.   I researched for hours, as well as my family, about chemicals that get absorbed into the bloodstream.  Plainly, it is not good.   So, this was the path I was meant to take.

It is a great feeling sharing with women about their overall health, and sharing about the awesome products Younique has to offer.  Although this company just turned 2 years old, it is growing by leaps and bounds every day. This is a home-based business opportunity that anyone could benefit from. And, selling from the comfort of my own home and own computer puts a new spin on selling in the 21st century.  A virtual business, how smart!   From their hot product of #3D Fiber Mascara, their #Moodstruck Precision Pencils, to the #Uplift Eye Serum, Younique has amazing skin care and cosmetics. I could go on and on.

I always want to share the product and the business opportunity.  If you ever want to chat about either, I would love to share with you! This company inspires me, and my wish is to inspire others.  Join #teamsparkleandshine for an amazing 2015!!!!   And yes, I WILL be wearing my Primal Red this New Year! :)

Want to know more about the company or how you can join this journey with me?  I would be happy to help you achieve success.

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