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yoiunique presenter, work form home, makeup, mascara, build a business I had the chance to attend Younique’s Green Elite Retreat.  I had never been to Utah, so I was excited to see a part of the country I had never been to.  Of course, I was equally excited about what the Retreat opportunity meant.

There are quite a few factors that must be met to attend the Green Elite Retreat.  Technically, you must turn Green twice, and then you are invited by the company. It is an all-expense paid trip once you get yourself to Utah.  This includes a tour of Corporate, dinner at the founder and CEO’s house, Derek, and personal time and training with both founders, Derek and Melanie on Saturday.  I don’t know if any companies invite you into their homes with their families, but by doing this, it made the biggest impact on how they treat their Presenters and their business.

The overall weekend was amazing, obviously.  Who wouldn’t enjoy staying in a top-notch lodge and being catered to?   But, honestly, it’s really so much more than that.  You see, to turn Green, you must sell, and recruit, and you must equip your team with the tools to sell, and recruit.   All businesses can only operate if you sell. We know this.  But, actually, you must empower women to believe they can achieve success.

 Although turning “Green” isn’t the top level, I know that this is just the beginning of a life-changing journey.  It is a life-changing for me, but also for those that see the opportunity before them and change their lives in the process.

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Younique superstars

You see, this Retreat brought 22 women from all over the country together.  It was a chance to bond, share ideas, and as the company’s vision states:  Uplift, Empower, and Validate women.  It is the chance to see how we can help others, and in return, help ourselves.

We have an amazing journey set before us and I am so happy to be a party of this Younique adventure.

Want to know more about the company or how you can join this journey with me?  I would be happy to help you achieve success.

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