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A New Year Means A New Resolution, Right?

I  have been like the million of Americans who enjoy the holidays and then start a new year with a new list of things I am going to do to better myself.  You know the list.  The one that always lists exercise of some sort, spending more quality time with family and friends, and a ton of other things we mean with good intentions.  A new year means a new resolution, right?

What if we did not put out a “Resolution”  list each year?  What if we just learned to breathe deeply, live in the moment to be engaged with others, and be better to ourselves every day?   I know this would take the pressure off of me.   In my every day life, I am a list maker.  I feel accomplished when I can scratch things off of my list.  But, let’s be honest, a list that is looking at me to pursue and accomplish something all year is pretty scary to me.  And guess what?  I have just learned this about myself!

The last few years I have been more in tune with my life.  Instead of making a list, I feel so much better to make it a point to love myself and others a bit more throughout the year.  That means I allow myself to love my curves but keep my health in perspective.  That means making myself exercise, but not comparing myself to others as they post their fitness routine; I have never enjoyed working out but I know I need to take care of myself.  That means I love my mind, even when I forget an important date.  That means spending an extra 10 minutes in a hot bubble bath and not rushing myself because I have 100 other things on that “list” that I need to get done for the week.   That means taking time to reflect in a quiet space because I know how important reflection is for my soul.  That means taking time to laugh with friends, whether that is on the phone or over a cup of coffee.  This also means seizing the opportunity when I can to help people in need.  So many people walk around with a need.  If we just open our hearts to others we would see their needs so clearly.  Lastly, but always first on my heart, is spending time with my family.  This time is undivided quality time and not side tracked by my phone or other business.

Here’s to the people who just want to be mindful and present each day of life!  May we band together.


Much love,



Younique consultant