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Red Lips Movement with Younique Primal Red


I have always loved women who wore red lipstick.  I wasn’t quite sure why exactly.  I just know I have always admired red lips.   Today I find myself loving them even more.   And, I think I finally know the answer to my fascination!

Younique consultant

You see, to me, red is a symbol of power.  Of deep feeling.  Of confidence!  Yes, that is exactly it!   Now that I have matured a bit in life, I love red!  I love what red stands for, in my eyes.  I love a woman who has confidence.

     When I mention wearing red to women, I am amazed at the amount that will not wear it for the fear of being misinterpreted.  How sad is that?  We fear a color because people might think we are too bold?    Let every woman embrace her life.   Let every woman value herself.  Let every women have enough confidence in all that she is, to WEAR RED!

     I have fallen in love with Younique’s Lip Liner in the color Primal.  It is a deep, yet bright red, that just screams enthusiasm!  I use the lip liner as a lip stain, and totally am thrilled it stays on my lips for hours.


Join my #redlipsmovement!  Color those lip red with me!


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