Younique Foundation for Woman

#Likeagirl Superbowl Commercial

Did you see the commercial, #likeagirl  , during the Superbowl? I woke up thinking about that commercial again this morning.    It was such an impactful message.  One that I believe starts with how we raise children and their viewpoints.  I want to be the type of mom who raises her son teaching him the utmost respect for women, and that starts at a very young age.

I think we as society, need to reevaluate the way females are judged, treated and evaluated daily.   And, with that said, it brings me back to the mission of Younique ; the mission statement is to Uplift, Empower and Validate women.   And I hope we as a society can start to do this from the beginning of a young girl’s life until her adult life.

Let that change start with us. Live Younique!


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