Buddy the Elf Dares

Hello friends!

      Some of you may have seen my Buddy the Elf videos I have recently added to my personal Face Book wall.   And, many are asking about them.  So, I thought I would take a few minutes to explain myself.  You see, I love having fun.  I love being wacky and crazy and having fun with life!

      I started to understand the fear many people have when I ask my team, #teamsparkleandshine, to go out and share their Younique business with others.  So many people live in fear!  People are frozen with anxiety when they think of what others might think of them.  I have many women on this wonderful journey, and this Younique business is helping them financially SO much, yet the are debilitated with thoughts that others will not speak to them, that people will be bothered, that people will get angry with them for sharing.

     I know I am blessed by the fact I really do not care what others think of me.  I would love to have everyone like me and be my friend, but that is just not reality.  But I will tell you what reality is; reality is that when a person puts forth some work into their Younique business, and it helps them pay for gas, groceries, date night, even a mortgage, and that is serious stuff!  And I am willing to risk looking like a crazy fool just to share with others that this Younique business is working for many people.  It is working for them in a virtual world where it allows them to stay home with their children.  It allows them to start taking charge of their financial future.  It is a beautiful thing!  And most of all, I get to see it played out every day!  I am so thankful for this company, and the people that have joined this journey, that I will absolutely dress like Buddy, just to share the opportunity.  And as I tell my team mates to get out of their comfort zones to share and help others learn about this, I am getting out there myself to show them you can be wacky and still share the opportunity!

And, while doing it, I am totally confident rocking the Primal Red!

     So, I have challenged my team mates this:  For each person they share the opportuity with,  and they join #teamsparkleandshine, I will act out a Buddy scene.  And for my customers that place a $100 or more order from my website, I am doing a scene in their honor.  It’s just a way to have some fun in the midst of the season, and celebrate new journeys with this company.

Want to see some of the videos that have been posted so far?

Escalator Scene

Coffee Scene

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email: RachellYounique@gmail.com

Love and Lashes,


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