Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

A new season means new fashion trends!  Welcome Spring 2016!    When I started looking at the upcoming fashion trends for Spring 2016, I could not help but notice some very different looks that stand out. No doubt 2016 will make its mark in the fashion industry. While I enjoy having some of the latest trends, I try to buy just a few items and pair them up with different pieces for a fresh new in-season look.

I will cover the Spring Fashion in 5 separate parts: makeup, clothes, hair, nails and accessories.

The upcoming makeup trend is almost like a flash back to the 80’s.  It might be why I like it so much!  When you think makeup, think blue.  Blue eye shadow and eyeliner is the hot trending makeup item.  When you want a beautiful blue, just think Precocious and Twitterpated.  But don’t leave out the boldness of Heavenly; this color is amazing!  Blended with a beautiful neutral, you’ll pull off the hot new blue eye look.



Heavenly blended with Curious and Corrupted:

Heavenly combo

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Don’t forget your blue eyeliner.  Precarious comes in a pencil form, or liquid pen,  and both are smudge-proof,  and super easy to apply.


Moodstruck eyelinersLiquid Eyeliner color chart

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If you want  some hot tips for clothes that are trending, simply think  of a few visuals.  The paper bag waist pants will be plentiful, floral, ruffles, stripes  and bright tangerines and blue will be abundant.  The Spanish influence will be seen in clothing this Spring.    You can also pull out that soft denim look that will be in style.  Do you have any light-weight denim skirts or tops hanging around?  Make sure your denim is light weight, pair it with a fringe or net top and you will be making your statement along it the other fashionistas.   Look for off-the-shoulder tops and lace-up tops.  They are also making their way into the stores.   I personally like to buy 1 or 2 new pieces on sale and switch them up for new looks.

runway trend 2runway trend 3





This season’s hair might be the easiest one to pull off.  I am going to do my best to pull off the still trending messy bun look.  But maybe if I do an in-fashion braid or messy knot, I might be able to pull it off.   Letting your hair air dry to embrace the natural wave is also a fashion statement right now.  The air drying is one I can most certainly pull off.

th (2) landscape-1445357873-hbz-ss2016-beauty-trends-00-index



Have you seen the new Spring line from OPI?  Call me biased, but anyone that names nail polish after my hometown’s popular items  is brilliant in my eyes!   The colors and descriptions are always fun, but OPI has outdone themselves this Spring!   Take for example, Let Me Bayou a Drink?    She’s a Bad Muffaletta?  Seriously?  These crack me up!  How fun are these?!  Thank you OPI!


OPI_New_Orleans_spring_2016_nail_polish_colors-ml96yca9tgg1cg7c5xuj5isxtuogmtgrxvb9wetlccopi color chart


Lastly,  let’s talk about  trending accessories.  I could blow the budget with these!  But again, I will buy a couple of pieces and call myself in style.  :)    The half-moon bags will be making a big statement, and fringe is still in.  Most bags will be made with a short handle for hand carrying.  For shoes, think  anything tied, and you’ll be on track!  And for the hair accessories, think gilded hair accessories to bright and bold headbands.  Remember our hair model from above with the orange headband?


runway trend purse spring 2016 Spring-2016-Shoes spring_summer_2016_hair_accessory_trends_gilded_hair_accessories


Well, I am off to air dry my hair and see what denim I can pull from my closet.  It’s time to spruce these up with some orange florals and I think I will be set.  Much love to my fashionistas!

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