Well, the Lip Bon Bons are a hit!  The tinted conditioning  lip balms are so conditioning that I am not leaving my house without them!  Every girl needs this in their makeup bag!

I have tried lip conditioners, lip balms, chapsticks and many other cosmetics claiming to condition my lips.  They either left my lips feeling waxy, or the conditioning did not last long!

Let us all rejoice!  Younique products have added a new Spring line which consists of something amazing!  Yes, Younique just came out with a Lip Bon Bon.

Lip Bon Bons will be great  anytime of the year.    They come in several color choices.  Each stick has a very light vanilla scent, but they do not have a flavor.  And each will leave a subtle color on your lips. This is the perfect go-to makeup item to leave the house with to reapply as needed.  The natural oils will do their conditioning job for a long time, too!lip bon bon info

With a mild vanilla fragrance, fruit extracts, and five natural oils, all you need is just a touch throughout the day to add a subtle hint of color while moisturizing and pampering your lips.   Apply over lip products for added moisture and shine. Dab with finger and apply for a softer, more subtle look. Apply throughout the day to add a hint of color and moisture to the lips.  So this product works great by itself, and is just a bonus for the other lip products in your makeup bag.   SCORE!  I love products with more than one way of using them!

I was so excited to get them, I made my own little happy video!  Check it out here!

Watch Shake Your Lip Bon Bons!


And, if you’d like to visit my website to see the awesome ingredients and color choices, please go here: Lip Bon Bons

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