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Beachfront Bronzer for Summertime Glow

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Welcome,  Summertime!   So many look forward to summertime.   Everyone has different reason why they love summer.  I love it because it means fun in the sun, a break from homeschooling my son, and vacation destinations and Beachfront Bronzer.   One thing  many women have in common during this time is that we are just busy.  The season might be changing, but we are still just as busy as ever, even if it does mean a break for some.

So, while you are rushing around your house, getting ready, one thing we need is a quick “5 minutes makeup face”.   This seems to be my go-to face quite often.  One item that Younique has come out with is a new Beachfront Bronzer.  It is my quick splash of color on my cheekbones, nose and forehead, and I am out the door in a hurry!

There are 3 different shades to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect shade for you.  And what I absolutely love about all of the Younique products, is the ingredients and detailed information is listed under each product.  Do you know what is in the products you use?  Don’t be so rushed to bypass a label.

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And if you like freebies, check out my friend Lisa’s blog.  She has a Beachfront Bronzer she is giving away!    Her sites are full of great summertime fun give aways, and… she is a fan of Younique, too!  Score!  :)

Lisa’s blog

and her second blog site is here: Second Site

Love and Lashes!

Rachell Vicknair

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